Improving your Sex Life with Naughty Passion

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If you’re looking to improve your sex life and take it to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. At Naughty Passion, we love sex – obviously! We want everyone to enjoy sex as much as you should so we’ve put together some sexy tips to take your sex life from zero to one hundred in a matter of seconds.


Sex has so many health benefits, from reducing stress, giving you a better night’s sleep and minimising aches and pains from the day. Sex also improves relationships, helping you and your partner feel more intimate and helping to improve communication.


The most important thing to remember when it comes to having a wonderful sex life, is to relax and let go. If you are nervous, worried about something or otherwise occupied it can make it difficult to actually enjoy the moment.


Sometimes sex can be awkward – this is normal. If an awkward moment happens, just laugh it off and move on from it. If the mood changes, instead of trying to work through it, or beating yourself up about it just take a few minutes and try again.


Another key point to know is that communication is almost as important as relaxing. You can’t expect your partner to know what you want if you don’t talk about it. Sharing your fantasies with your lover will help you explore each other in a new way. It doesn’t even have to be a conversation. Moving your partner’s hand during foreplay, or being vocal during sex can also help. The most important thing is to be open – if you don’t like something, say it! If you do like something, say it louder!


Life can get pretty busy, and sometimes sex is the first thing to go. Unfortunately, when we are too tired for sex, we are often denying ourselves the very thing which will ease our stresses. Make a date every week, or fortnightly, with your partner to have sex. Obviously we’d all like to have crazy spontaneous sex like they do on TV, but this isn’t actually feasible in real life. Setting a date can add a bit of excitement – you can begin the day with some sexting, then have a romantic dinner, followed by a bubble bath or sensual massage. This can help relax you and heighten the anticipation before the big event.


At Naughty Passion, we can help you live a better sex life with our selective range of sex toys and lubes. Have a look through our website for something that suits your needs and remember to follow our tips to get ready to take your sex life to the next level.


You won’t be disappointed!

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