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At Naughty Passion, we know how important it is to get the best out of your sex life, and most of our blogs so far have been aimed at women and their pleasure. Well boys, we apologise for that and so we decided it was your turn. Vibrators and dildos were originally designed for women, and the sex toy industry has been primarily for women, however times have changed and we dedicate this blog to you!

At Naughty Passion, we believe that everyone can benefit from a sex toy or two – including you men! Admittedly there are fewer sex toys for men but that doesn’t have to mean less excitement. The products on the market now are aimed at your pleasure to enjoy alone or with a partner, whether male or female.

Unfortunately it can be hard to know where to start, as male sex toys aren’t as commonly spoken about. Luckily for you, we think it’s time things changed and we’ve chosen our Top Sex Toys For Men, available right here at Naughty Passion.

Cock Rings :

Come on guys – who wouldn’t want a harder, larger and longer lasting erection? A staple of any mans sex toy collection – the cock ring is a true classic and is often overlooked. Generally a cock ring will consist of a circular band, which is worn around the base of the penis. The main purpose of a cock ring is to help boost your erection – in size and strength. Some cock rings are even designed to go over the testicles too, though make sure your cock ring actually has the capacity to do that (ouch!).

There are cock rings which feature a vibrating element, which will stimulate the shaft of the penis to provide more pleasurable sensations during sex and can help with stimulation of both you and your partner. Cock rings work well solo or with homosexual or heterosexual intercourse as the size and strength of your erection as well as any vibrations can enhance the feelings for both of you. The fact that you can just put it on and get going is what draws many people to the cock ring.

If you’ve never used a cock ring before, we recommend a stretchy one (to allow you to get used to the sensation). Try our black stretchy silicone cock ring, which offers a snug yet comfortable fit suitable for most penis sizes. It’s made from bodysafe silicone, can be washed in warm soapy water and is reusable  or if you’re looking for something with a bit of buzz to add some stimulation to both you and your partner you could try the Naughty Passions Please Her Vibrating Cock Ring supplied complete with a battery these cock rings are designed as a single use, but can be cleaned and used again, depending of the length of time in use! But don’t be fooled by the name guys, the vibrations will also stimulate your male partner!!

Naughty Passion also stock a selection of penis glans rings and cock and ball rings so if you haven’t tried these yet it’s worth a look! Great for couples or on your own!

Masturbators and Strokers :

Imagine you have a girl ready for sex any time you desire, close your eyes and sink your penis into the tight yet soft, fleshy feel of our realistic vaginal masturbator!! Due to the advance technology in male sex toys the male masturbators are realistic, both in feel and inner texture, just like the girl next door!

They can provide intense sensations and are discreet in their packaging, just add some of your favourite water-based lube, and plunge deep into their soft yet firm folds. A masturbator is designed to replicate the real feel of being with a woman – without actually having one there! A girl at your fingertips and no more nagging or headaches! What could be better?

A popular bestseller on our site is the Naughty Passion girl next door male masturbator, with a nice, tight vaginal opening you can have the girl of your dreams any time you want her. Great for super real sensations, and a good way to build up your stamina!

Penis sleeves:

There aren’t many people out there who don’t appreciate a large penis, so if it’s size and girth you’re after Naughty Passion have a new product which has just landed – the textured penis sleeve with ball loop. This toy is designed to slip over your balls and fit snugly onto your erect penis, so you can instantly increase the size of your penis and offer your partner a night to remember!  With internal nodules it will stimulate you whilst also increasing your partners arousal.

The sleeve is suitable for both vaginal and anal penetration so it’s versatile and fun. Go on – give your partner a treat and make it a night to remember!

Butt Plugs :

Anal stimulation in both men and women can lead to intense orgasms! Butt Plugs can add an element of excitement to any sexual encounter – there are silicone butt plugs, large ones, small ones, vibrating ones – the choice is all yours! Naughty Passion recommend the Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug as it will aid in stimulating your P spot and add an edge of pleasure to your experience or why not let your animal instinct take over and try the Naughty Passion Frisky Fox Tail Butt Plug – act out some role play and have your partner on all fours for some Foxy, Frisky, Fun!  (also available in Pink).

Anal Beads :

And last but not least are the Loving Joy Anal Beads – available in Black or Purple – these flexible beads can aid in increasing the intensity of an orgasm – they can be inserted into the vagina or anus to increase you or your partners pleasure. Simply insert them as a part of foreplay and allow your partner to feel the pleasure of the beads inside, or for a more exciting experience gently remove at the point of orgasm to intensify and stimulate.

This is just a taster of sex toys available for men, and hopefully we’ve convinced you that there really are some great toys out there for you guys to enhance and improve your sex lives.

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