Outdoor Sex – Because it’s FUN

Loving couple kissing outdoor sex

There’s something very primal about outdoor sex and if you haven’t tried it and you think it might be right up your street (not literally of course) then I would seriously recommend it as you’re missing out on a treat!

People have been having sex outside since, well, forever, it’s natural – and getting back to nature is something we should all do once in a while isn’t it? The birds and the bees do it – so why shouldn’t we?

The beach, woods or any secluded spot can make for a wonderful outdoor experience and there’s just something special and exciting about having sex outside! It can bring the fun back into the dullest of sex lives and give us feelings of passion and arousal that we might not have felt in years! Who knows, she might get a little bit wetter and he might get a little bit harder, what have you got to lose?

So just in case you want to try it but don’t know where to start I have put together some top tips to make your experience far more memorable and hopefully to reduce your chances of getting caught, unless of course you want to be!

1 : Plan an outing or a drive

Plan a day out, a long walk, a trip to the beach, anywhere you want really. Ideally in the Spring or Summer when the weather is likely to be a little more clement – after all you don’t want to be naked outside on a cold, windy day do you?  Unless you know of a good sheltered spot it’s probably best to check the weather forecast before you go!

2 : Find a secluded spot

Possibly the last thing you’ll want is to be discovered in your birthday suit in a compromising position. This is likely to be a big passion killer for most people! Choose somewhere quiet, walk off the beaten track, maybe leaning up a tree in some woods or a soft patch of grass in a secluded area in the park or countryside. Make sure you’re not likely to be discovered by children – the local park near the play area is not a good idea at all!

3: Lose your inhibitions

Having sex outdoors is about being able to do something a little bit naughty, it’s not something we do every day, so enjoy the moment, make some memories you can talk about in your old age!, but most of all have fun and relax – there’s no point in going to all the trouble of planning an outdoor sexy liaison, and finding a ‘safe-ish’ secluded spot if you’re going to go all shy and coy. Sooo, strip off your clothes, embrace the feel of the sun on your skin and the breeze in your hair and go for it!! You may be surprised just how arousing and natural it feels, and we all need a bit of excitement in our lives sometimes.

4 : Make sure your outfit is nearby!

Unless you are into voyeurism and get off on people watching you, you’ll probably not want to be discovered mid-shag, so if this sums you up you’ll probably want your clothes nearby and ready to quickly put on and run! Summer dresses are perfect for ladies to throw back on, while the men will probably need to quickly wriggle back into their trousers and shirt! Not so quick! However a simple picnic blanket to wrap around you may be all you need to save your blushes, and hopefully this won’t happen if you’ve chosen the right spot!

5 : Don’t worry about getting muddy, dirty or wet etc

Don’t let your worries spoil the moment – who cares if you get a grass stain or two, or a bit of mud on your knees? This is supposed to be fun right? Clothes can be washed and so can your skin! Take the opportunity to just let your hair down, and be at one with nature, after all, we only live once! And if the passion just happens and you didn’t plan the encounter at all then that’s great, you’re pro’s already! Hats off to you!

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