Why Men Love Male Chastity

Male chastity cages

Male chastity is where a mans penis is securely locked up inside a specially designed male chastity cage. Having your penis locked in a chastity cage isn’t for everyone but a lot of men find the thought, and the reality of it all incredibly arousing.

Once confined in his cock cage, full erections are prevented, he won’t being able to masturbate, touch, stroke or fiddle. Penetrative sex is quite literally, off the cards! An incredible amount of what he’s always taken for granted, what he’s always had access to have now been withdrawn!

Once locked in his cage, whilst it’s still physically attached to his body, it is often seen that his penis doesn’t belong to him anymore, he has relinquished (voluntarily or forcibly!) all his rights to his cock, and it then becomes the property of the keyholder.

So what is a keyholder?

Simply put a keyholder is the person who is responsible for and holds the keys to the padlock. This can be just about anyone, a current or past partner and possibly a trusted friend.

The keyholder may take more involvements in chastity than just looking after the key. Become a temporary mistress or master, play tease and denial games or act out fantasies. It could well be the keyholder who decides when and if you’ll be released from your chastity cage. It may pay to oblige them!

Not all men who practice male chastity are in a relationship or have a friend they trust to hold the keys to the padlock.

To cater for this, Naughty Passion offers a keyholding service, on selected male chastity devices that we sell.

If you’re curious about trying male chastity, read on for more information on why more and more men and women engage in its practice.

According to these men, being unable to orgasm increases your sex drive and can improve focus even when uncaged. It is a feature most commonly found in sub/dom relationships as it can be used as a form of pleasurable torture additionally many couples incorporate a cock cage into their sex lives and used in tease and denial of orgasm games.

For most men, the idea of being told what to do – or in this case, what not to do – is what excites them the most. The idea that your partner can be completely in control and there is little you can do about it is what drives most men. Men particularly like this because they find quite often in their everyday life, they are in control. Men, especially those who hold positions of power at home or at the office, like to be dominated because it allows them to relinquish all the control they usually have.

Men who have used chastity devices often enjoy being ‘locked up’ for extended periods of time. To start with, it is recommended that you do a few hours at a time, but more experienced users of these devices can go for days while being locked up. Some men enjoy the idea of being restricted everyday while they go about their normal lives. For them it is something which makes everyday life more exciting and heightens their sexual arousal over long periods of time. Because they cannot become erect or masturbate while wearing these cages, it can increase sex drive by not allowing them to have that moment of release.

Obviously, the person who is chosen to act as ‘keyholder’ is usually one who they trust and know that if they wanted to be let out, seriously, they would let them out. However, because a lot of the reason people wear these is because they enjoyed being dominated, it is important to have safe words or some form of communication so that nobody gets hurts.

If this has peaked your interest, then we do have a range of chastity devices which can get you started, have fun with your new favourite fetish!

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