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How to use a vibrator – Naughty Passion

Using a vibrator probably seems pretty self-explanatory. After all, aren’t they just for getting off on? However, there is much more to a vibrator than meets the eye. The manufacturer’s instructions can tell you how the product works, but do they tell you how to actually use they vibrator?

Quite often, the answer is no.

1. Getting to know your vibrator.

Before we talk about how to use a vibrator, we need to get better acquainted with the product. When your discreetly packaged order from Naughty Passions arrives, take it out of the packaging and have a really good look at it. Take a few minutes to read any manufacturer’s instructions, wash your new toy thoroughly with either soapy warm water or use a toy cleaner. This will remove any residue left behind when manufactured.

Quite a few of our vibrators are usb rechargeable, if your new toy is one of these, charge it fully before you start experimenting with the settings.  If your vibrator is battery operated, check that you have the correct batteries and that they are inserted the correct way in the battery compartment.

When you’re ready, press the buttons and experiment with the different modes and speeds of vibration. Get really acquainted with the settings and learn how to navigate the product. Are there any features that pique your interest? By playing around with the vibrator, this helps to ensure that your experience with the vibrator is so much more enjoyable as you won’t need scroll through the settings mid-use. 

2. Experiment with your vibrator alone.

Vibrators are great fun whether you use them alone or with a partner. However, spending some time alone with your new toy is the best way to get to know the product better. After all, nothing kills passion faster than two people trying to fathom out a complicated vibrator. Instead, lock the doors, relax and spend some alone time with your new toy. Find out what works for you, what doesn’t work for you and which mode of vibration is the one which makes your toes curl! When you know everything that there is to know about your vibrator. Why not treat your partner to a steamy sex show whilst you show off exactly what you have learnt?

3. Treat your erogenous zones to some loving too…

Instead of focusing solely on the clitoris or G Spot, build up to an intense orgasm by using the vibrator to tease and caress your erogenous zones such as the neck, nipples, inner thighs and labia. This might sound like a strange thing to do, but the tingling sensations are a great way to get yourself in the mood.

4. Don’t rush things.

Allowing yourself plenty of time to get acquainted with the vibrator definitely ensures that you get the best out of the product. If your sex toy is also waterproof, experiment in the bedroom, bath and shower and see how it makes you feel. Does your preference alter depending where you use it? Is it more exciting in the shower, for example? If this is your first vibrator, start by gently massaging your clitoris with the sex toy on the lowest setting and let your body get used to the thrilling vibrations. Move the vibrator slowly around your body,taking your time to enjoy the different sensations, or hold the product against your clitoris. It’s just a matter of finding out what works for you. A firm favourite for all over body sensations are the vibrating massaging wands.

As you become more accustomed to the vibration, gradually increase the intensity and try out different pleasure modes if the vibrator is multi-speed. Some women may find that they need a stronger setting to climax, whilst others may prefer something a little less intense. For those who climax very quickly but want to prolong their pleasure, seek out the modes that have an increasing and decreasing vibration, or intermittent vibration as these will help to prolong orgasm and increase the intensity of your climax.

5. Using an internal vibrator?

Those using a rabbit vibrator or a G Spot vibrator for the first time may be a little worried about putting something into their vagina. but as long as you purchase a high quality sex toy from a reputable retailer (like Naughty Passions, ahem), you should be okay. If using the vibrator for anal play, make sure that the product is suitable for anal use and has a flared safety base. This ensures that the vibrator doesn’t travel into your body. After all, nobody wants to make THAT trip to A&E.

For beginners, opting for a slimline vibrator can help to ease you in gently whilst applying a generous helping of lubricant can help to make you feel more comfortable. Insert the vibrator slowly, going at a pace you feel comfortable with. If it helps, spend some time stimulating the clitoris to help you relax and get in the mood. Some women prefer to move the vibrator in and out, whilst others prefer to leave the vibrator in one place as the enjoy the sensations. There is no right and wrong way, just simply whatever works better for you.

6. Taking care of your vibrator.

To help your vibrator last longer, you need to care for it properly. Particularly as some people pay a lot of money for a high quality product. With this in mind, here are a few quick tips to help you keep your vibe in tip top condition.

  • Always wash the vibrator before and after use.
  • Remove batteries between uses.
  • Store in a clean, dry place.
  • Ensure any lubricants that you use are compatible with your new vibrator
  • Always cover sex toys with a condom if sharing with a partner
  • Use a fresh condom for every orifice that you penetrate.

7. Seeking advice about your vibrator.

If you are buying a vibrator for the first time, or you aren’t sure which products are compatible with your vibrator. Our helpful customer care team are always on hand to answer any questions that you have about your purchase.


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Improving your Sex Life with Naughty Passion

Couple getting intimate with each other

If you’re looking to improve your sex life and take it to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. At Naughty Passion, we love sex – obviously! We want everyone to enjoy sex as much as you should so we’ve put together some sexy tips to take your sex life from zero to one hundred in a matter of seconds.

Sex has so many health benefits, from reducing stress, giving you a better night’s sleep and minimising aches and pains from the day. Sex also improves relationships, helping you and your partner feel more intimate and helping to improve communication.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to having a wonderful sex life, is to relax and let go. If you are nervous, worried about something or otherwise occupied it can make it difficult to actually enjoy the moment.

Sometimes sex can be awkward – this is normal. If an awkward moment happens, just laugh it off and move on from it. If the mood changes, instead of trying to work through it, or beating yourself up about it just take a few minutes and try again.

Another key point to know is that communication is almost as important as relaxing. You can’t expect your partner to know what you want if you don’t talk about it. Sharing your fantasies with your lover will help you explore each other in a new way. It doesn’t even have to be a conversation. Moving your partner’s hand during foreplay, or being vocal during sex can also help. The most important thing is to be open – if you don’t like something, say it! If you do like something, say it louder!

Life can get pretty busy, and sometimes sex is the first thing to go. Unfortunately, when we are too tired for sex, we are often denying ourselves the very thing which will ease our stresses. Make a date every week, or fortnightly, with your partner to have sex. Obviously we’d all like to have crazy spontaneous sex like they do on TV, but this isn’t actually feasible in real life. Setting a date can add a bit of excitement – you can begin the day with some sexting, then have a romantic dinner, followed by a bubble bath or sensual massage. This can help relax you and heighten the anticipation before the big event.

At Naughty Passion, we can help you live a better sex life with our selective range of sex toys and lubes. Have a look through our website for something that suits your needs and remember to follow our tips to get ready to take your sex life to the next level.

You won’t be disappointed!

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What is Male Chastity?

The wearing of a chastity device prevents the wearer from masturbating and can be used to prevent extra-marital sexual intercourse.

You’re probably here because you’re already interested in Male Chastity and the benefits it might bring to both yourself and your loved one or perhaps you’re curious to find out why so many men are practising it.

So, what is male chastity?

Chastity is the surrender of control of your sexual behaviour to another person and is used either for sexual play or for longer term use to deny orgasm and any sexual self-pleasure. The wearing of a chastity device prevents the wearer from masturbating and can be used to prevent extra-marital sexual intercourse. This is usually as part of a consensual agreement but in some cases it may be enforced (although this might not be quite as much fun for some!)

Chastity is a large part of some religious beliefs where sex before marriage is frowned upon and this is still current and followed by many. There also is much in history about chastity belts being introduced to prevent females from having sexual encounters whilst the men went off to battle but this is now thought to be a myth. Devices discovered from the 1800’s appear to be more related to preventing masturbation and to this day this is what Chastity devices do – prevent masturbation and self-pleasure.

These days it is mainly men who are put into Chastity, and their partners use Chastity as a part of their lifestyle, ranging from short lock up times for fun, to longer term use and long term orgasm denial. Dommes put their submissive males in chastity devices to keep control and the subs, in turn, will serve them in order to be rewarded with a possible release – or not!

We have a wide variety of male chastity devices available both suitable for short and long term confinement.